Why buy an apartment with a garden?

Designers of modern residential complexes are trying to get away from the tradition of gray slabs as much as possible and do it in different ways. New apartment buildings often impress with their original architecture, which blends in perfectly with the environment. The location is also important — residential complexes built on the outskirts of cities give their residents a space that you will not find in the city center. On the site at the link condo for sale phuket.

The space you want to live in
A few years ago, life in an apartment building seemed tantamount to cramped quarters and a lack of daily contact with nature. Fortunately, the situation on the real estate market has been changing in recent years, and developers are trying not only to offer their customers spacious apartments, but also take care of the well-maintained development of the surroundings of houses.

Your personal oasis
For many people planning to buy a new apartment, a balcony is indispensable. No wonder, because such a solution always gives you extra space for any arrangement. We appreciate balconies and terraces most of all in summer when the weather allows you to relax or eat outdoors.

By deciding to buy an apartment on the ground floor, you can get even more. In new buildings, such premises increasingly have their own gardens. The lawn outside the window can be a great extension of the living room and provide additional usable space for 6 months a year. This means that when you live in an apartment building, you can enjoy the space and freedom usually associated with a detached house.

The main advantage of an apartment with a garden is, of course, the opportunity to spend time outdoors, surrounded by greenery. Gardens are usually larger than balconies, so they have more seating space. It is easy to find space for sun loungers and a coffee table on your own lawn, and in the case of large gardens, you can even build your own gazebo. Meeting with friends? You no longer have to make appointments in crowded pubs. Your garden is the perfect place for barbecues and evenings together.

The garden next to the apartment is also a great offer for families with children. In the large garden, you can arrange your own playground, for example, with a trampoline or a slide. Thanks to this, the baby will always play under your supervision, which will certainly give you a greater sense of security and peace of mind.

An apartment with a garden is undoubtedly a dream come true for garden lovers. Thanks to their own plot of land outside the window of their apartment, they can finally grow flowers, and even fruits and vegetables, without leaving for long trips to summer cottages. The garden will also be appreciated by pet owners. Whether your pet is a dog or a big-eared rabbit, every four-legged animal will appreciate the ability to run on green grass.

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